Summary Description:

The campaigner will serve as the Greenpeace representative on Climate and Energy issues in Southeast Asia based out of Indonesia and work
towards the goals of Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s campaigns within the framework of Greenpeace’s overall objectives. In certain situations as
determined by external events and upon the recommendation of the Campaign Director and/or with the Campaign Manager, the campaigner
will be expected to move between issues and campaigns as needed.

Essential required skills, the ability to:

1. Communicate and network with local and national community groups, with communities affected by climate and energy issues and with a wide variety of special interest groups including scientists and Government officials.

2. Utilise strategic skills in analyzing, planning and implementing strategies for the climate and energy campaign in Indonesia, with an
emphasis on ensuring that work is directed towards specified campaign goals

3. Implement effective campaigns and communicate effectively.

Preferred skills:

1. Excellent knowledge of the main environmental and social issues relating to Climate Change and its impacts.

2. Working knowledge of Renewable Energy technologies and energy related policies in southeast asia region.


1. In conjunction with the Campaign Director, develop a work plan in line with both short and long term goals for an action-led Climate
and Energy campaign based on regional objectives and taking into account global campaign priorities:

2. Assist the Campaign Director in designing the regional Climate and Energy campaign program and implement strategies to mobilise
various stakeholders in the region and the general public about campaign issues and goals;

3. Direct, organise and participate in non-violent direct actions to support and advance campaign goals.

4. Respond to and engage in internal as well as pressing external regional challenges as determined by the campaign team through the
Campaign Director beyond his/her normal issue/campaign area as circumstances do require.

5. Perform other job-related duties as requested or assigned by the Campaign Director and/or Executive Director.

Please send your application letter, CV, and expected salary to: jobs.id@greenpeace.org, not later than March 25, 2010.

Arie Rostika Utami
New Media Campaigner
Greenpeace Southeast Asia
website : http://www.greenpeace.or.id